Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rendez-Vous des Artistes 2009

For the past 6 years, a huge Art Show takes place in my hometown of St-Leonard, NB (Canada), called the "Rendez-Vous des Artistes". Since I've only recently moved back to the area, this was only my 2nd year participating in it. It's a huge outdoor art show/fair that brings together about 150 artists from all over Canada, United States, and even Belgium! What an amazing weekend it was!!!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect!! They had been predicting rain all weekend - and although it *did* rain, it was always in the evening once all the artists had packed up for the day. Call it luck, but I prefer to think that someone was watching over us!

The place was bustling with people of all ages, so many of them walking away with a few purchases. It was great to see so many people buying original art! So much for a down economy... I swear, the worse the economy gets, the more people tend to save whatever they have left to buy some artwork. It sure beats spending it on a pair of shoes... at least art doesn't go out of style :)

I was also one of those lucky artists who sold original pieces! In addition to lots of Giclee reproductions and greeting cards, I also sold 2 paintings: "Summer Drinks", a watercolor that won me 3rd place a few years back at a show, and "The Cherry Gang", one of my recent oils, favored by many! It's always exciting to sell an original piece, but when I get back home and hang what's remaining back on my walls, I can't help but feel a sense of loss... I get very attached to my work, as I'm sure most artists do!

Looking forward to next year's event already! :)
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