Monday, March 31, 2008

SOLD - Girl with a Rose - 6 x 8"

I really enjoyed working on this Portrait. It was based on a reference photo I took of my friend a few years back when she visited me in Massachusetts (back when I lived there). We had gone into the city that day, doing the usual sightseeing, shopping, and catching up on each others' lives.

We happened to be walking trough Boston Common when this lovely, old-ish lady handed her a rose. Then came the expected "Would you like to donate..." line. I honestly can't remember whether she handed the nice lady a few bucks or not, but obviously she ended up with the rose.

I snapped some photos of her that day, and years later, here I am posting a painting from one of those references. The reason I didn't name the painting "Lise" (which is my friend's name, by the way...) is because I don't think it looks enough like her. I hadn't set out to paint an exact likeness anyway, although most folks are convinced it looks just like her (she even said so...). But still, I'm the artist, and I'd rather refer to this one as "the painting inspired by Lise" :)

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