Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lakeshore - 33 x 20" diptych

Shortly after relocating from the busy life to our more serene lakefront home, I was inspired by my new view from the window. I had wanted to do a "diptych" (2 matching paintings) before, and I thought what better time to give it a try.

The painting depicts the lakeshore: the water on the bottom, sunset at the top, joined together by a white, wavy horizon line. I also added some actual river rocks to the piece, to add to the "organic", nature theme. The stones are held on the canvas by yellow waxed linen thread. It's an abstract piece that uses complimentary colors (orange and blue), and would go great in any home.

This painting can be purchased through my Etsy shop.


Martinator said...

Nice Abstract. I think you found another art path to pursue.

Lynn Cyr said...

Thanks Marty!

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