Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On the Etsy front page... again!!!

Alright... I guess three time's a charm! I was once again featured on the Etsy.com front page this week. How exciting!! And not surprisingly, it was one of my Birch products that got the attention.

Although my primary art takes shape in the form of Paintings, I am having a lot of fun experimenting with Birch lately. Of course none of it comes from living trees, but from piles of dead trees found in the woods behind my house. I never realized how much of a trend the look of Birch was these days... but seeing that the holidays are coming, I presume that lots of folks (like me) enjoy the rustic, warm feeling that they bring.

So once again, my work has caught the attention of Etsy Admins!! Gotta be happy about that, right! Now, if only some of my artwork can make it up there...  ;)

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