Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Renovations Step 2: Replacing the floors... DONE!

Well, we actually finished these a few weeks ago, but only got around to taking new photos this past weekend. I love how everything turned out! And although these are still somewhat temporary (I'll be putting in hardwood floors eventually...), this will certainly get me by for a few years.

Here are the before/after shots of this room... pretty dramatic! :)

BEFORE - Studio Area


AFTER - Studio Area

AFTER - New floors!

BEFORE - Studio Area, corner view

Main entryway

AFTER - Studio Area, corner view

AFTER - New floors!

I'm really excited to move in! We actually have another renter arriving this weekend, and they're staying for 3 weeks. But after they're gone, it's ALL MINE!! I'll be spending the rest of the year painting walls, fixing some plumbing, and replacing a few windows. Once that's done, I can start moving my stuff!!

Can't wait!  :)


Greg Smith said...

Looks great. What about the disco ball and the bearskin rug??

Lynn Cyr said...

I should hire you to be my decorator! :)

Lalitha said...

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