Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Red High Heels"

"Red High Heels"
6" x 6" Oil on panel

I love these shoes! They're so red, so shiny, and sooooo.... uncomfortable! I'm a sucker for shiny things, and when I saw these shoes, I just had to have them. Except that they're so bad for my feet. I can only wear them when I know I'll be sitting most of the time. Why do us women torture ourselves so much? ;-)


Bennett Hock said...

I love the deep rich reds! So beautifully done...May I ask what reds you use or mix to get such a deep rich color?

Lynn Cyr said...

Thank you, Bennett - I use Cadmium Red and a touch of Ultramarine Blue for the red seen here. Then added pure cad. red in a few spots.

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